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MCA successfully collects, manages and reports an impressive amount of key retail information all day, every day, all year long, in-store and online. We use our proprietary solutions and our technology to deliver meaningful key actionable information to our customers.
Win at retail with MCA!

MCA was the first sales and merchandising company to build its own proprietary information management system, IRIS, by MCA.

IRIS is the platform used to share information between our clients, our account managers, our retail professionals, our administration and our customers.

IRIS is web based, uses mobile technology with its app “IRIS ON THE GO”, and, has been evaluated as “Best in Class” by our clients

GoMerch by MCA is a workforce management system built to improve and enhance field data collection at retail for Consumer Packaged Goods companies and Retailers operating with their own teams.

GoMerch is easy to use and paired with easy to use GPS enabled mobile applications.

GoMerch allows for almost any types of data collection routines such as answering survey questions, taking pictures and barcode scanning.

GoMerch has easy to use reporting and export functionalities.

RealOgram is a powerful image recognition solution, executed by MCA’s Retail Professionals, which enables retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies to quickly and accurately conduct in-store retail measurement and real-time reporting by simply taking pictures from a smartphone or a tablet.

With RealOgram in the hands of thousands of people, MCA delivers innovative and accurate vital key performance indicators such as share of shelves, out of stocks and planogram compliance, within minutes, by simply taking pictures of the shelf or section.

Tcheck’iT is a crowdsourcing retail audit solution, powered by smart and efficient software along with easy to use mobile application, that enables retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods companies to have pictures taken and survey questions answered nationwide, at retail, inexpensively, accurately and quickly using our consumers community members.

Our customers can access our community of “Tcheckers” to observe in the stores and get reliable and meaningful MCA Verified reports from the visits.

SmartScan powers MCA’s Competitive Price Audit, Retail Micro Audit and Data Collection Services. The technology allows audits of all sizes and complexities.

SmartScan has a powerful backend analytical report generator along with portable Bluetooth Sequential Scanner technology for easy and quick barcode scanning and validation.

SmartScan is app based and operates on smartphones and tablets.

SmartScan is used by MCA’s professional auditors.