Retail Audits

MicroAudits by MCA, powered by SmartScan, is a Reliable, Accurate, Flexible and a lower cost service to audit just about anything in a Retail store.

MicroAudit allows customers to create audit programs to fit their needs for a lower cost and provides a better return on investment for Retailers and CPG clients.

MicroAudits can be configured to scan barcodes, enter sku information and product quantities, lookup validation files, take pictures, capture architectural information, enter marketing and display information as well as capturing many other key data points.

MicroAudit is suited for Retail and CPG Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Category Management, Merchandising, Account Management and many more. Join forces with your colleagues and business partners and, design the perfect MicroAudit programs for all your company audit needs. Do it all in one Retail visit and save thousands of Dollars!

The MicroAudit by MCA process is based on sequential scanning routines that allows for accurate retail audits, every time!

MCA helps Retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods Companies win at retail with MicroAudits by MCA

Do more Audits for less at Retail with MicroAudits by MCA

  • Lowest minimum charge in the industry for Audits
  • As low as 45 minutes per call
  • Best Retail Coverage in the industry
  • 98% of all retail stores covered locally
  • Amazing mobile technology
  • SmartScan by MCA featuring Bluetooth scanning capabilities
  • A thousand ways to report information with
  • Active visualization Reporting Powered by Microsoft Power BI
  • The most experienced Auditors in the industry
  • Less than 15% annual turnover

MicroAudit by MCA helps Retailers and CPG clients with

  • Improving product on shelf availability
  • Improving planogram compliance
  • Lowering shrink levels
  • Achieving higher margins
  • Triggering key corrective actions at Retail stores
  • Increasing inventory controls
  • Lowering out of stocks
  • Improving customer service
  • Increasing sales

Someone once said, If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Measure more for less at Retail with MCA!

Until the robots take over your retail stores, MCA is the obvious choice for your continuous, Retail MicroAudit programs.

MicroAudits by MCA – Simply the Best!