Unlike the majority of our competitors, MCA does not hire electronically and does not train through a series of unrelated, computer-based multiple-choice questions and answers.

MCA personally interviews each of its Professional Sales Representatives, each of its Professional Merchandisers each of its Professional Auditors, each of its Supervisors, each of its Regional Managers, each of its Account Administrators and each of its Account Managers.

Our team members are professionally trained one-on-one. Our managers are carefully selected and professionally trained by a member of our senior management team.

MCA has 30 plus field managers across Canada. Our field managers are proven professionals and represent the largest and best qualified sales, merchandising, retail audit and data collection management team in Canada.

Over the last 30 years, we have carefully built our work force, one team member at a time. Our annual turnover is less than 12% and we know everyone by name.

Our founders, Steve and Marsha, figured out a long time ago that if we cared enough about our people, they would in return care twice as much about our customers.