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GoMerch by MCA is a workforce management system built to improve and enhance field data collection at retail for Consumer Packaged Goods companies and Retailers operating with their own teams.

GoMerch is easy to use and paired with easy to use GPS enabled mobile applications.

GoMerch allows for almost any types of data collection routines such as answering survey questions, taking pictures and barcode scanning.

GoMerch has easy to use reporting and export functionalities.

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"Our long-term relationship testifies to MCA leadership and their expertise in developing strong merchandising plans and consistent, high-quality execution."

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"MCA has become a true partner in driving sales and the overall execution of our in-store programs. By offering accurate and valuable business insights, perfect retail execution and meticulous reporting, MCA has become a valued partner to our company."

MCA - Simply the best!

"For over a decade, we have partnered with MCA to extend the reach of our sales, merchandising and audit teams. Based on our overall company strategies and priorities, our sales management team works with MCA to develop account-specific strategic planning. Working as one team, our company and MCA execute plans, address any issues and capitalize on opportunities. Together, we have achieved significant results, always focusing our retail vision on continuous improvement. MCA is a strong contributor to our company and a valued business partner."

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