Tcheck’iT by MCA

Retailers and CPG clients gain visibility on in-store execution at an affordable price with Tcheck’iT by MCA. 30 years of retail experience matters when it comes to sending consumers out to stores to gather retail information.

Through the power of crowdsourcing, MCA has built a community of thousands of consumers nationwide who can collect almost any type of information at store level within minutes simply by using their smartphones.

Unlike other players in the retail crowdsourcing industry, MCA is not an IT solutions company. We understand retail, chances are, you are already one of our customers or we are in your stores working. We are retail professionals, conducting tens of thousands of professional services calls a year so therefore manage and train our consumers community with the same attention to details as our own professionals.

Now you have used Tcheck’iT by MCA, you have reviewed the reports, and, you need immediate assistance to get things resolved at retail, what’s next?

MCA has a full-service cycle: Observe’iT – Report’iT – Fix’iT

No need to worry! With our 98% Canadian retail coverage, our professional retail specialists can be dispatched to any stores in Canada and Fix’iT for you.

Be retail ready, and, know when and where to intervene with Tcheck’iT by MCA.

Tcheck’iT – Innovative Retail Crowdsourcing Solutions.