Retail Competitive Price Audits

MCA is the most trusted Retail Competitive Price Audit company in Canada. We service, collect information and access 98% of all Canadian retail stores and close to 100% of any retail websites.

For almost two decades, MCA has been conducting reliable and accurate Competitive Price Audits online and in physical retail stores.

Obtaining accurate, timely and complete pricing information has become crucial for Consumers Packaged Goods Companies and Retailers.

Spend less time cleaning up your data and more time taking meaningful and actionable retail pricing decisions by hiring a professional competitive price audit company you can rely on.

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Retail Competitive Price Audits

Our systems and our Auditors collect competitive price information day
after day using our software called SmartScan for both Retailers and
Consumer Packaged Goods companies.

SmartScan allows for directed and undirected in-store audits of any size. The application can easily be configured to adapt to the audit type and to the customer specific requirements.

SmartScan connects to the internet and gathers specifically targeted retailers and products, accurately scraping for pricing information. It delivers accurate and meaningful pricing intelligence.

MCA has hundreds of auditors strategically hired geographically across Canada equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile application, SmartScan by MCA, tablets and Bluetooth ring scanners.

SmartScan has a powerful backend analytical report generator, powered by Microsoft BI. We offer friendly to use Active Visualization Reporting, configured for ease of use with drill down and sorting capabilities.