Sales & Merchandising

At MCA, we work at being the best sales and merchandising company all day, every day with one goal in mind; having a positive and meaningful impact at retail.

We offer a wide range of sales and merchandising services such as:

  • Regular sales and merchandising through continuity year round programs
  • Surge and blitz coverage programs
  • Planogram setup and planogram reset services
  • Display and promotional execution services
  • Product recalls along with, destroy and or pack and ship services
  • Fixture and signage replacement and or implementation programs
  • Retail audits and compliance verification
  • Partial and complete store relines
  • Third party technology installation services
  • Barcode scanning and data collection services



Based on 30 years of Experience in 3rd party Sales and Merchandising services, and listening to the needs of our clients, MCA realized that there was a gap in the services that Canadian Manufacturers, Consumers Packaged Goods (CPG) Companies and Retailers were being offered. MCA decided to fix this gap with its new and innovative service solution, Tcheck'it by MCA.

Through the power of Crowdsourcing, MCA has built a community of thousands of consumers nationwide whom can gather almost any type of information at store level within minutes through the use of their Smartphones. We call our Consumers Community Members "Tcheckers".

Through our sophisticated mobile technology application that runs our innovative crowdsourcing solution, we help our customers gather in-store information. We answer questions, we take pictures and we observe on every and all information you wish to gather and compile in a retail environment.

Should something require fixing, you can call upon the MCA Sales and Merchandising Professional Representatives to return to the retail site and capitalize on any opportunities that might have been observed. We call this service Fix'iT.

We are the first Sales and Merchandising company that can offer both Crowdsourcing Solutions & Professional Merchandising combined in a unique automated service cycle:Observe'It - Report'It - Fix'It.

Competitive Price Audits

Obtaining accurate, timely and complete pricing information has become more crucial than ever for Manufacturers, Consumers Packaged Goods (CPG) Companies and Retailers to remain competitive on the market place.

For over a decade, MCA has been conducting Competitive Price Audits in Retail Stores Nationwide. MCA provides quick, accurate and cost effective pricing information that can be easily incorporated into our customer's pricing strategy.

MCA has a team of professionally trained Auditors, coast to coast, in every provinces, who's only job is to capture and monitor pricing information at Retail.

MCA has developed a proprietary program which combines key pricing information captured and compared with a multitude of other key criteria, offering our customers the insight necessary for strategic decision making that will maximize sales, increase profit and gain market share. The data is electronically captured and scanned than quality controlled onsite by our auditors on our mobile Application.

Here are some of the information our clients can expect to receive immediately after the audit has been completed:

  • OOS(Out of Stock)
  • Packaging Changes
  • Comparable Private Label brands and sizes
  • Flyer Activity
  • In store activity
  • Full Price Audit File
  • Access to our detailed cloud based customer web portal
  • Reports and analytics with graphs and drill down capability

MCA not only offers accurate and timely competitive Retail information but the auditors are truly our client's "eyes and ears" in their competitor stores.


Retail Services

You can count on the number one Sales and Merchandising in Canada to freshen up your store.

MCA's Retail Services team will with you on:

  • Complete or Partial Store resets
  • Display Installations
  • In-Store Merchandising
  • Products and Display Audits
  • Store Fixture Installation
  • New Store Setup
  • Floor Plan Drawing
  • Data capturing, barcode scanning and asset/inventory database optimization
  • Technology installation such as RFID tags, electronic shelf labels and anti theft gears and tags