Quality Control

MCA offers a complete quality control process from the beginning of the project to the delivery of services on 100% of its programs.

MCA has a team of data verifiers, account administrators and account managers who verify all information collected and each task performed.

MCA follows-up on each store serviced to ensure that the work was performed. If anything is not satisfactory, we simply go back and fix it, no questions asked. All customers are assigned an Account Manager who bridges the agreed upon scope of work with the in-store execution team. The account manager stays involved through all stages of the project cycle.

MCA manages data with two combined information systems:

  • One for the crowdsourcing servides, powered by Tcheck'it
  • One for sales, merchendising, price audits and retail services powered by IRIS

For all services performed our clients can count on MCA Verified Data, ensuring reporting accuracy and timely delivery. MCA Verified work is a recognized seal of confidence and a Guarantee that the work we did for you can be trusted.