With 30 years of experience in third-party sales and merchandising services and listening to the needs of our clients, MCA realized that there was a gap in the services offered to Canadian manufacturers, consumers packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers. MCA decided to fix that with its new and innovative service solution, Tcheck'it by MCA.

Through the power of crowdsourcing, MCA has built a community of thousands of consumers nationwide who can gather almost any type of information at store level within minutes simply by using their smartphones. We call them our consumer community "Tcheckers" members.

By using our sophisticated mobile technology application that runs our innovative crowdsourcing solution, we help our customers gather in-store information. We answer questions, take pictures and observe all the pointsfor which theyneed to gather information and compile it all in a retail environment.

Should something require repairs, you can call upon MCA sales and merchandising professional representatives to return to the retail site and fix issues that were observed. We call this service, Fix'iT.

We are the first sales and merchandising company to offer both Crowdsourcing Solutions & Professional Merchandising combined in a unique automated service cycle: Observe'It - Report'It - Fix'It.