Competitive Price Audits

Obtaining accurate, timely and complete pricing information has become more crucial than ever for manufacturers, consumers packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers to remain competitive in the market place.

For over a decade, MCA has been conducting Competitive Price Audits in retail stores nationwide. MCA provides quick, accurate and cost effective pricing information that can be easily incorporated into clients' pricing strategy.

MCA has a team of professionally trained auditors, in all provinces from coast to coast, whose sole task is to capture and monitor retail pricing information.

MCA has developed a proprietary program combining key pricing information captured and compared with a multitude of other key metrics, offering our customers the insight necessary for strategic decision-making that will maximize sales, increase profit and gain market share. The data is electronically captured and passed through on-site quality control by our auditors by using our mobile application.

Here is some of the information our clients can expect to receive immediately after the audit has been completed:

  • OOS(Out of Stock)
  • Packaging changes
  • Comparable private label brands and sizes
  • Flyer activity
  • In-store activity
  • Full-price audit file
  • Access to our detailed, cloud-based customer web portal
  • Reports and analytics with graphs and drill-down capability

MCA not only offers accurate and timely competitive retail information, but also auditors who are truly our clients' "eyes and ears" in their competitor's stores.